national policies wtEvery country has developed, formulated, and decreed national policies related to rural advisory services. Find some examples here. If you are looking for a national policy from a specific country, please use the search function, selecting the category “National policies” and the tag for the country.

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This paper describes a framework for improving the coordination of agricultural support services. The paper is based on a PhD study: Developing a framework for improving coordination in the provision of agricultural support services in the Oshikoto region of Namibia. Most of the information in the paper is drawn from the Namibian governance system, which was established through the Decentralisation Policy of 1997. It also makes use of data collected from 200 farmers and 11 agricultural support service providers from the Oshikoto region, who were interviewed during the PhD research. The paper includes an overview of the challenges and opportunities involved in operationalising an agricultural support service framework.

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The National Agricultural Sector Extension Policy (NASEP) spells out modalities for effective management and organization of agricultural extension in a pluralistic system where both public and private service providers are active participants. The new policy provides a point of reference for service providers and other stakeholders on standards, ethics and approaches, and guides all players on how to strengthen coordination, partnership and collaboration.

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