development wtDeveloping a policy is a combination of technical, strategical, and political processes. It not only includes finding the right contents based on previous policy analysis and evidence from the field, but also finding the right level on which these contents shall be treated in a particular policy to have the greatest impact. In order to ensure compliance and right impact, the development of a policy must include complex and long participatory consulting processes with various stakeholders from all levels.

Purpose and Outcome of Policies (4)

Suvedi, Murari and Sarom, Men , 2014
Type: Conceptual (definitions and frameworks)

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Power Point Presentation of a study on farmers needs and want in terms of learning and adoption of new agricultural technologies and the level of adoption of new agricultural practices by farmers.

Unknown , 2009
Type: Conceptual (definitions and frameworks)

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Power Point Presentation on the New Agricultural Extension Policy.


Keith Wiebe and Sarah Lowder , 2012
Type: Case study, experience, example

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This Power Point Presentation gives an overview of the 2012 FAO report "The State of Food and Agriculture", which focuses on investment in agriculture for a better future. 

The FAO publication, "The State of Food and Agriculture" carries a special report each year on a major theme in world agriculture, from the perspective of food insecurity and poverty.

Natalie Ernst , 2015
Type: Manuals and guidelines (how-to)

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This document summarises the major conclusions of participants of the 5th GFRAS Annual Meeting, held in Spetember 2014, regarding the relevance of an evidence-based RAS policy environment, how RAS policies should look, and how they can be influenced the 5th GFRAS Annual Meeting.