developmentDeveloping a policy is a combination of technical, strategic and political processes. It not only includes finding the right contents based on previous policy analysis and evidence from the field, but also finding the right policy level to approach the issues for maximum impact. In order to ensure compliance and impact, the development of a policy must include complex and long participatory consulting processes with various stakeholders from all levels.

Documents in this section will thus help you fulfilling your role whether you have the lead in the policy development process, or are engaged in the development of a policy as one of many key stakeholders. As such, it will provide you with information on identifying relevant content, strategically considering the political economy and other contexts in the development process of your policy and methods to actually design and formulate new policies or adapt existing policies. This section also contains information on the importance of a strategic and realistic anticipation of the implementation of your policy, including involved actors, goals, outcomes, scopes and financing opportunities.