national policies wtEvery country has developed, formulated, and decreed national policies related to rural advisory services. Find some examples here. If you are looking for a national policy from a specific country, please use the search function, selecting the category “National policies” and the tag for the country.

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Rural advisory services/extension and advisory services (RAS/EAS) models are influenced by a number of factors and emerging issues that can determine best practices in the development of extension policy. These emerging issues are extremely valuable in creating RAS/EAS policy and must be considered in the development of innovative extension models. They include: participatory, farmer-led decision-making; privately-led extension and public–private partnerships; gender equality; ICT and mass extension; value chain marketing; and building partnerships. 

Four policy cornerstones should also be addressed in efforts to build an effective RAS/ EAS model for sustainable development. These cornerstones include capacity building and technical assistance to support the following extension policy areas: land tenure and information reform; access to credit for smallholders; innovative technical subject matter training, demonstration plots and farmer to farmer extension. 

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This manual describes some technical aspects in Monitoring and Evaluation for field extension workers. It describes some procedures in indicator setting, use of various tools and sources of information that is used for monitoring purposes.

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This manual is designed to provide guidelines on key elements of participatory extension approach. It is recommended for all field workers in the Agricultural sector and development workers involved in the facilitation of community development.