development wtDeveloping a policy is a combination of technical, strategical, and political processes. It not only includes finding the right contents based on previous policy analysis and evidence from the field, but also finding the right level on which these contents shall be treated in a particular policy to have the greatest impact. In order to ensure compliance and right impact, the development of a policy must include complex and long participatory consulting processes with various stakeholders from all levels.

The Development of a National Agricultural Extension Policy in Bangladesh

Author: M. Walker; A.A. Sarkar , 2007
Type: Case study, experience, example
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This paper explores the process of developing an agricultural extension policy in Bangladesh and describes the content of the final policy statement, as an example of the approach taken in one country to developing a facilitative environment for sustainable agricultural development.

Agricultural extension is moving away from externally imposed change programmes towards bottom-up planning, farmer participation and empowerment and catalysis of sustainable change, based on local needs and problems. However, many of these changes have been on a relatively small scale, in policy or institutional environments generally favouring a more traditional approach to agricultural development. For a broader process of sustainable agricultural development to occur, changes in the policy and institutional environment are required.


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