implementation wtImplementation is the moment in which previously developed and approved policies are put into action. Implementation of policies, however, is not a straightforward, step-by-step task. Implementation also means interpreting contents and break them down to the practical field level. As the theory gets tested with the reality, implementation very often leads to new policy dialogues, and therewith sometimes even to the adaption of the policies. Documents in this section will provide you with resources to better design and execute practical implementation of policies and how to act best within a given policy framework. It also provides resources on the governance, accountability and the needed oversight of policies. 

National Agricultural Extension Manual (NAEM)

Author: Repúblika Demokr´tika Timor-Leste, Ministériu Agrikultura no Peska , 2011
Type: Manuals and guidelines (how-to)
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This Agricultural Extension MAnual is built on the Agricultural Extension Policy and Strategy for Timor-Leste and serves three purposes: (1) It guides agricultural extensionists and coordinators during planning and field level implementation of agricultural extension activities. (2) It gives guidance to representatives on national and district levels as to their supportive roles in the development of agricultural extension contents. (3) It serves as reference for agricultural extension personnel of donor funded programs, local NGOs, and INGOs working in agricultural extension in Timor-Leste.

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