introduction wtThis section will provide you with the very basics you need to know about RAS policy. It contains general definitions and approaches to policy, as well as general and overarching background knowledge you need to be familiar with in order to get engaged in policy processes.

Extension Policy at the National Level in Asia

Author: Rasheed Sulaiman V. and Andy Hall , 2005
Type: Case study, experience, example
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This paper draws together experiences from across Asia to explore extension policy and the extension policy process. The paper argues that extension policy needs to tackle two major sets of issues. The first concerns the content in view of the broader role extension need to play in the present context of agriculture systems. The second issue concerns the nature of the policy process itself. Instead of prescribing reforms, the policy process should ideally facilitate continuous incremental change through experimentation, reflection and learning. Four cases are presented to illustrate the challenges involved in developing and implementing extension policy. The experiences indicate that reform processes only informed by prescriptions generated centrally or from outside are bound to fail. The message for extension policy in Asia is that the process of reform must be lead from within.

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