introduction wtThis section will provide you with the very basics you need to know about RAS policy. It contains general definitions and approaches to policy, as well as general and overarching background knowledge you need to be familiar with in order to get engaged in policy processes.

Norms and Standards for Extension and Advisory Services in Agriculture in South Africa

Author: Department of Agriculture, Directorate for Scientific Research Developmen , n.a.
Type: Case study, experience, example
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This document is divided into two main sections. Section one gives a brief background of the political, administrative changes in the democratic dispensation and recommendations for the delivery mechanism in the South African agricultural sector. This sets the basis for articulating appropriate norms and standards. Section two focuses on the norms and standards to guide the provision of extension and advisory services to all spectra of clients. These norms and standards form the guidelines for the implementation of Agricultural Advisory Service Programme across all provinces.

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