me wtMonitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) is about creating, collecting, and analysing data and information on the progress, outcomes, and impact of a policy. It creates the evidence that then ideally informs the implementation or adaption process of the concerned policy, and/or feeds into advocacy efforts and the development of new policies.

Learnings from Recommendations for a Women-Inclusive Agricultural Policy in the Kerala State of India Author:Geethakutty, P.S. Policy & advocacy India

Author: Geethakutty, P.S. , 2014
Type: Case study, experience, example
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A policy advocacy effort for introducing women-inclusive agricultural policy in the State of Kerala, India during 2011-12, and the premises and methodologies adopted are covered in this article. The effort was not an initiative of a committee appointed by the government, which is the usual procedure, but was a proactive campaign. Two pro-women agencies of Kerala involving various stakeholders from grassroots entities had reminded the government and other stakeholders that it is high time the state adopt a women-inclusive policy in all planned efforts of research and developme

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