introduction wtThis section will provide you with the very basics you need to know about RAS policy. It contains general definitions and approaches to policy, as well as general and overarching background knowledge you need to be familiar with in order to get engaged in policy processes.

Workshop on Approaches and Methods for Policy Process Research

Author: IFPRI , 2013
Type: Conceptual (definitions and frameworks)
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CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) are required to show how their work contributes to development outcomes such as changes in policies.  While better evidence has the potential to improve decision-making, it is insufficient for achieving policy impacts. That evidence needs to be communicated effectively so that it is useful to targeted decision-makers, and decision-makers need to have the incentives and the capacity to use it.  This requires that researchers and their partners understand how policy processes work and how they can be influenced. Deliberate strategies to influence policy can also be the basis for assessing the extent to which research has contributed to a change in a policy or in the policy process—for example by influencing the discourse, attitudes, behaviors or actions of decision-makers.

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