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Ethiopia’s Agricultural Extension Strategy (Draft)

Author: Government of Ethiopia , 2017
Type: Conceptual (definitions and frameworks)
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The Government of Ethiopia is highly committed to sustainably increasing agricultural production to meet the growing demand for food, industrial raw materials, and foreign currency earnings. In order to respond the growing demand of different stakeholders, there is a need of dynamic and proactive extension system. Rigorous and vibrant extension system is a key policy instrument for necessary behavioral and attitudinal changes and creating demands on national agricultural extension programs. Agricultural extension has been emphasized by development experts as crucial in achieving agricultural development, poverty reduction, and food security.  By recognizing this, the government of Ethiopia has made great efforts to transform the agricultural sector mainly by strengthening its extension services as part of the general agriculture policy reform. In spite of considerable efforts made to improve the extension system of the country in the past, the system is not bringing the desired results. Thus, it is of paramount importance to prepare a full-fledged extension strategy which takes into consideration the growing demand of agricultural development and that also shows the future direction of the extension services.

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