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National Agricultural Extension Strategy (NAES) of Uganda

Author: Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries , 2016
Type: Conceptual (definitions and frameworks)
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The National Agricultural Extension Strategy (NAES) is derived from the National Agricultural Extension Policy 2016 and was developed through a wide consultative process. The NAES is also aligned with the Five- Year National Development Plan (NDP II) 2015-2020. 

The Directorate of Extension Services (DAES) is mandated by the policy to work closely with existing MAAIF Departments and Agencies; other sector Ministries and Non- State Actors on the provision of agricultural extension services. The new strategic direction articulated in this strategy, is to transform extension from a system of parallel institutionally fragmented public and non-state actors to a well-coordinated, harmonized, regulated pluralistic service with multiple providers addressing diverse needs. The second dimension of the new direction is to address the extension needs along the entire value chain (as opposed to the previous focus on mainly primary production) and synergistic integration with other agricultural support services for optimum return on investment. 

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